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Sermonic Pericope: ESV Judges 11:1; 29-40 Now Jephthah the Gileadite was a mighty warrior, but he was the son of a prostitute. Gilead was the father of Jephthah.

29 Then the Spirit of the LORD was upon Jephthah, and he passed through Gilead and Manasseh and passed on to Mizpah of Gilead, and from Mizpah of Gilead he passed on to the Ammonites. 30 And Jephthah made a vow to the LORD and said, "If you will give the Ammonites into my hand, 31 then whatever comes out from the doors of my house to meet me when I return in peace from the Ammonites shall be the LORD's, and I will offer it up for a burnt offering." 32 So Jephthah crossed over to the Ammonites to fight against them, and the LORD gave them into his hand. 33 And he struck them from Aroer to the neighborhood of Minnith, twenty cities, and as far as Abel-keramim, with a great blow. So the Ammonites were subdued before the people of Israel. 34 Then Jephthah came to his home at Mizpah. And behold, his daughter came out to meet him with tambourines and with dances. She was his only child; beside her he had neither son nor daughter. 35 And as soon as he saw her, he tore his clothes and said, "Alas, my daughter! You have brought me very low, and you have become the cause of great trouble to me. For I have opened my mouth to the LORD, and I cannot take back my vow." 36 And she said to him, "My father, you have opened your mouth to the LORD; do to me according to what has gone out of your mouth, now that the LORD has avenged you on your enemies, on the Ammonites." 37 So she said to her father, "Let this thing be done for me: leave me alone two months, that I may go up and down on the mountains and weep for my virginity, I and my companions." 38 So he said, "Go." Then he sent her away for two months, and she departed, she and her companions, and wept for her virginity on the mountains. 39 And at the end of two months, she returned to her father, who did with her according to his vow that he had made. She had never known a man, and it became a custom in Israel 40 that the daughters of Israel went year by year to lament the daughter of Jephthah the Gileadite four days in the year.

Sermonic Title: "The Son of a Prostitute"

Sermonic Sub-title: I made a vow

Sermonic Doctrine: Salvation (Divine Deliverance)

The general meaning of the several Hebrew and Greek words translated into English as "salvation" is "safety" and "deliverance." In the OT salvation refers to deliverance, both physically (Psalm 37.40; 59.2; 106.4) and spiritually (Psalm 51.12; 79.9). OT prophesies focus on the complete salvation of GOD'S people by the coming Messiah (Job 19.25-27); the NT teaches that these prophecies are fulfilled by Jesus Christ. Jesus brought salvation through forgiveness of sins (Matthew 1.21) and the gift of eternal life. (Hebrews 5.9; Acts 4.12; Hebrews 2.10)

Sermonic Tension: The doctrine of Grace. This is where joy and pain kiss each other. (Temporary over and against Permanent deliverance)

Sermonic Question: Why did HE do it? (I know why Jephthah did it...etc. He wanted to win however, why did the LORD allow it/ accept it?...etc.)

Sermonic Refrain: Victory comes with a price. (I owe the LORD)

Sermonic Prohibition: Stop breaking your vows. (I open my mouth unto the LORD)

Sermonic Sentence: The LORD takes what we say seriously. (Matthew 12.36)

Sermonic Point: Keep your promises.

Sermonic Help: The Star of this Pericope/Novella is the LORD. The co-star is Jephthah and the best supporting role goes to Jephthah's daughter.

Sermonic Structure: (There are four moves within this Pericope/Novella)

   (A.) His mother is a prostitute
   (B.) He has the Holy Spirits presence
   (C.) He has political power
   (D.) His faith is lifted as a NT picture

    (A.) Notice he enters into negotiations personally
    (B.) Notice he enters into negotiations horizontally
    (C.) Notice he enters into negotiation vertically

      (A.) Consider the source of his victory
      (B.) Consider the size of his victory
      (C.) Consider the significance of his victory
      (A.) She's visible
      (B.) She's vocal
      (C.) She's Virtuous
      (D.) She's Valuable


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